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Chief Executive Officer
Frank Mayor is the Chief Executive Officer of CRC Jianian, Inc. a Chinese government-backed joint venture with China Record Corporation formed in order to exploit opportunities in record and film distribution, licensing, publishing, and promotion.

Mr. Mayor has over twenty-seven years of experience in the entertainment, real estate, and financial transactions industries. Active in global commerce, he was one of the first individuals to open up China for entertainment-related business and has close relationships with a number of high-level government contacts. He currently oversees several holding companies with assets in film, music, and software. He has been active on a number of levels including capital formation, production, distribution, and legal.

Beginning in 1987, Mr. Mayor acquired interests in five major recording studios and created Ruthless Management, working with a wide variety of acts that included Guns N’ Roses, Faith No More, Cheap Trick, Heart, Vanessa Williams, Kenny G., Roy Orbison, the Ventures, and Brian Wilson. In 2002, he acquired ownership of over one thousand film titles that are distributed worldwide through AIM Group LLC. In 2005, he started two film production entities, Cinevision International, Inc. and Silk Road Productions LLC, the latter with internationally recognized casting agent Bonnie Timmermann.

Mr. Mayor holds BA Degrees in Economics and Political Science and a JD Degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Senior Vice President, International and Founder
Nana Lee is a Co-Founder of CRC Jianian, and is its Senior Vice President in charge of the International Operations in China. A pioneer in China’s economic reform movement, Ms. Lee was instrumental in the establishment of China’s first post-reform privately owned company, the China Rural Development Company. This enterprise set the tone for the later large-scale reforms in many areas of Chinese business development.

Using her extensive ties to Chinese government organizations, Ms. Lee was a Consultant for Chia Tai Group of Companies, a multi-billion dollar Thailand-based international investment company that continues to be one of China’s largest foreign investment partners. She co-founded one of the major computer manufacturers in the United States and was a Senior Executive at that company for ten years.

Ms. Lee’s extensive network of relationships with high-level Chinese government officials and organizations allow her to expedite business opportunities from the West to China. Through her contacts with the Chinese Central Government, she has built close ties in the media, banking, automotive and real estate industries.

Born and raised in Beijing, Ms. Lee is an American citizen. She was educated in China, where she received her Undergraduate and Masters degrees both in China and the US. Previously, Ms. Lee had taught as an Assistant Professor for 11 years at several leading universities in Beijing. She is fluent in both Mandarin and English.


Senior Vice President, Music Publishing
Rex Zong is possibly the only Chinese person currently in China who has years of professional experience in the music publishing industry. He serves as Sr. Vice President of Music Publishing for CRC Jianian and is responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations of China Music Publishing, the company’s music publishing division. Additionally, Rex serves as Executive Director of Strategic Marketing for AIM Group, a sister company of CRC Jianian which focuses on the international film market.

Based on a recommendation from legendary songwriter John Denver, Rex served as the China Chief Representative and Sr. VP of Cherry Lane Music, the first foreign publisher to enter the Chinese market. From 1994 to 2006, Rex was responsible for collecting and monitoring royalties for foreign music copyrights, advising broadcasters and producers on copyright issues, and licensing music, films and books. Additionally, he organized concerts, offered A&R services and organized a weekly Chinese film series (with English subtitles) for major Beijing theaters.

In 1999, Rex established Intertrust Investment Consulting, Inc. specifically to meet the demanding needs of multinational corporations committed to positioning strategic operations in China. His clients include Delta Music, Lionsgate Films, Channel KTV, Carlton Group, News Corporation, Star East Entertainment, Ezmood Productions, Cam Productions, Prediwave Technology, Acme Technology, Southtrust Bank, and Hong Kong New World Group.

In 1992, Rex worked as Public Relations Director in the offices of Henry Fok, one of China’s richest entrepreneurs and Vice Chairman of China People’s Political Consultative Committee (CPPCC).

Fluent in Mandarin and English, Rex is a graduate of Beijing Second Foreign Language Institute with a BA in Economy & Management and the University of Beijing Law School with an LLM in Technology and Intellectual Property.


Executive Director
As Executive Director at China Music Publishing, Toby Record brings over 25 years experience as a publisher, musician, music supervisor, music editor, and artist manager. His extensive musical and entrepreneurial background makes him the ideal choice to acquire and develop Western music catalogs inside mainland China, while bringing the music of China to the global market.

In addition to the traditional methods of exploitation, incorporating forward thinking strategies is an essential function of Mr. Record’s goals of modernizing this historic catalog (through remixes and re-purposing), thus forming cultural bridges between East & West while exponentially creating licensing opportunities. Evidence of the strategy’s success can be found his licensing of several CRC titles for use in the 2009 Video Game, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (the first time authentic Chinese music appears in a major video game).

Toby has been involved with music as a student and performer for the better part of 30 years. He moved to California in 2001 and has steadily built a network of industry professionals that covers the entire Film & TV industry, including major label and independent music executives. In five short years, Toby went from knowing few people in Los Angeles in 2002 to starting his own music supervision company (All Ears Music), employing Grammy-winning and multi-platinum talent. His experience as music supervisor, artist manager, and consultant has done wonders in preparing him for the fluid world of international business.

Toby is a native of Highland Park, New Jersey and holds a Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in 20th Century History from The University of Colorado at Boulder. His unique brand of creativity, innovation, and cultural perspective are welcome additions to music publishing – qualities that are essential to compete in the new century’s global arena.

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