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CHINA MUSIC GROUP (CMG) is a division of CHINA MEDIA VENTURES, INC. It operates a number of companies including CRC JIANIAN INC, a joint venture with the Chinese government’s record company CHINA RECORD CORPORATION (CRC) and CHINA MUSIC PUBLISHING INC, partly owned by the MUSIC COPYRIGHT SOCIETY OF CHINA (MCSC), the performance rights organization of China. 

CHINA MUSIC GROUP has the exclusive worldwide rights to publish and distribute CRC’s historical catalog, featuring the largest collection of traditional Chinese recordings, some dating back to the 1920s and also represents MCSC in collecting royalties on its Chinese music from North and South America. The catalog represented by the company exceeds 50,000 titles and more than 4,000 artists.

CHINA MUSIC GROUP has also acquired a substantial contemporary catalog of Mainland pop and rock artists and has created a large sample library which is used by music, film and television producers for dance remixes, soundtracks, and commercials. Its music has been featured on hundreds of Hollywood movies and documentaries as well as on numerous foreign productions. As representative of both master and publishing rights, we offer one stop licensing for the entertainment industry.

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