Beijing Boys

Chinese Rock


Beijing Boys were discovered in 2000 by Zang Tianshuo, a famous Chinese musician and songwriter, while performing at a popular hotel in Beijing. The five-member Chinese Pop/Rock band signed a production contract with Zang and released their debut album Beijing Boys in May 2005. Songs on the album feature diverse music elements and cover a wide range of topics including the environment and the 2008 Olympics. Their presentation is powerful and unaffected, and their music is said to be a representative of Chinese urbanite lifestyle.


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DJ Dimi



Dimi Palamidas is an ARTIST, COMPOSER, and PRODUCER breaking down boundaries. Pulling influences from Chillout / Funk & Acid Jazz/ Rock/ World & Traditional Indigenous Music to create exciting new hybrids. Moving to Sydney, Australia from New Zealand in late 1990, it was clear that Dimi would become a versatile musician. The groove came with Funk band Dr Mofo, the melody and harmony with Acoustic group Sweet P and the sense for a hook and arrangement by playing in a number of high profile concept cover bands.



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Caidanzhuoma, a famous Tibetan soprano singer, began her musical career in 1956 when she joined the Tibetan Rikaze Song and Dance Ensemble. Her singing talents won her a seat at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music in 1958 despite her illiteracy and lack of music training. Caidanzhuoma rose to fame quickly with her singing and performance in the musical “The East Is Red” in 1964. Caidanzhuoma is known for her sweet, passionate, and sonorous singing. Her songs have a strong Tibetan flavor. Her hit singles, “Singing a Folk Song For the Communist Party,” “On The Golden Hill In Beijing” and “Happy Liberation of Helot” remain popular in China today. Caidanzhuoma’s song “On The Golden Hill In Beijing” was widely used in many primary and high school performances from 1993 to 2000. Caidanzhuoma performed in over 30 countries over the years.



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Chang Hai

Chinese Metal


Chang Hai was born into a music family and began studying jazz drums and dulcimer at six years old. He later received rigorous training in guitar and piano. Starting out as a professional songwriter, he signed with Beijing Birdman Entertainment Co. (Pang Long) in 2004 and released his debut album Mail From the Tropical Fish. In 2005 Chang Hai was chosen as the exclusive spokesperson for Ovation-Mainland China, the world-famous guitar company, for his unaffected style of guitar playing.



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Dong Wenhua



Dong Wenhua, a famous Chinese singer, began her musical career at the age of 15. Dong rose to fame by performing folk ballads that were loved by the Chinese people. Many of her singles, like “The Full Moon,” “Story of the Spring,” “The Long Great Wall,” were very popular in the 1980s and 1990s. As part of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Zongzheng Song and Dance Ensemble, Dong performed extensively in China and abroad. Her sweet singing voice won her the nickname of the “Army Moon Sister.” Dong was voted the Most Popular Singer in China in 1987. Dong also won the Golden China MTV Award for four years in succession from 1993 to 1996. Her song “Story of the Spring” performed at the 1997 Spring Festival Gala (a high-profile concert in China) won the first prize of “Most Liked Song.” She remains active and released two albums, Harbor in 2004 and Duckweed In The Pond in 2006.



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Chun Qiu

Chinese Metal


The Chun Qiu Band (Spring & Autumn) formed in 2000 and has since performed over 100 live concerts. Guitarist Kaiser Kuo, a former member of the band Tang Dynasty (Tang Chao), describes Chun Qiu’s music as a blend of progressive metal, hard epic rock and traditional Chinese music with aggressive elements and dense melodies. They signed with R.H.C. Records in October 2005 and released their debut self-titled album Spring and Autumn in February 2006.



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Buyi Band

Chinese Pop


The name Buyi refers to a commoner who wears cotton clothes. Formed in 1995, the ethnic rock band Buyi Band began their musical career in their homeland Ning Xia Autonomous Region in Northwest China. For five years, they remained a local band performing across the region, gaining a fervent local following. Currently based in Beijing, Buyi Band has been hailed as pure and emotional, combining traditional Chinese music with local folk music of Northwest China. In 2000 they released several singles from their self-titled debut album including Fall, The Free Bird and A Place Called Sanshi Li Pu, many of which feature traditional Chinese instruments such as the guzheng (a plucked zither). In 2004 Buyi Band had the great fortune to be interviewed by the BBC. The band continues to remain active and performs live on a regular basis.



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