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CHINA MUSIC GROUP (CMG) administers a catalog of over 30,000 compositions and many more master recordings as a result of a Joint Venture with the China Record Corporation (CRC), the government of China's record company.

We have the exclusive worldwide rights to publish and distribute CRC's historical catalog, featuring the largest collection of traditional Chinese recordings, some dating back to the 1920s and also have a contemporary catalog of Mainland pop and rock artists.
Our music has been featured on hundreds of Hollywood movies and documentaries as well as television. As representative of both master and publishing rights, we offer one stop licensing for the entertainment industry.


New Release: Chinese Boxed Set
New Release: Chinese Boxed Set
Shanghai Restoration Project - Now at iTunes
Zen Lounge Vol. 2 - Now at iTunes

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2020 Year Of The Rat

featured artists

There are nearly 3000 Chinese artists featured in the CRC Jianian catalog! Their artistic styles range from traditional to modern and span all the way across folk, pop, opera, metal and punk rock genres. There are at least 8000 unique dialects and hundreds of different ancient instruments in China. In this section, you can experience many of these amazing sounds and voices featured in our catalog.

  1. Pang Long
  2. The Shanghai Restoration Project
  3. Beijing Boys
  4. Second Hand Rose
  5. Nature High