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Established in 2003, CRC Jianian, Inc. is a joint venture partnership between Los Angeles based consultancy firm AIM Group LLC and China Record Corporation (CRC), the Chinese government's oldest and largest record company. Originally founded by the company's CEO, Frank Mayor, Chairman Li Xiaoping, President, Jackie Subeck and Sr. Vice President Nana Lee, the joint venture has headquartered offices in Hollywood and Beijing with additional representation in four other major Chinese cities including Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

CRC Jianian holds the exclusive worldwide rights to publish and distribute CRC's historical catalog that features the largest collection of traditional Chinese ethnic, instrumental, opera and folk music, spanning some 5,000 years of Chinese musical history. Additionally, CRC Jianian announced the signings of over 50 Chinese contemporary artists releases, including famous pop star Pang Long, all-girl punk rock band Hang on the Box, and Mongolian-flavored Hanggai. The company also holds rights to Tanggula, one of the largest Tibetan music catalogs on the globe.

In 2005, CRC Jianian partnered with San Francisco based digital distributor, IODA, who offered solid worldwide partnerships with every major and boutique online retailer along with a vigorous and strategic marketing campaign targeting both existing customers, and most importantly, the 90 million overseas Chinese populations around the globe. Understanding the increasing interest and demand for Chinese music, CRC Jianian is meeting these needs by remixing the CRC catalog into dance, ambient, and chill-out genres, thereby breathing a new life into the catalog for global distribution.

In China, the company's business model incorporates film, television, music and cultural productions, including new artist development, and is actively working toward the creation of a stable and viable distribution network within the Mainland. CRC Jianian is perfectly situated to help guide and shape the Chinese music copyright society towards establishing a standard set by other leading societies around the world, and ultimately building a strategic and globally recognized infrastructure within mainland China.

In late 2007, CRC Jianian announced its new publishing arm, China Music Publishing which has the unique opportunity to represent and sub-publish western music catalogs in the Chinese market. CRC Jianian and China Music Publishing are actively partnering with companies who have the ability to collect digital copyright royalties effectively, efficiently and legitimately within Mainland China. In 2004, the company joined forces with the U.S. copyright society BMI who is providing a Fast Track alliance with other PRO's around the globe. For more publishing information, click here.

New China Consulting Group is CRC Jianian's consulting division that offers strategic services to companies wishing to enter the Chinese market. With 25 years on the ground and more than 5 years of solid network and relationship building in China, our team offers unparalleled insight and knowledge to potential western clients. For more consulting information, click here.

CRC Jianian and its subsidiary companies are privately owned Chinese and US entities.